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Exploring Your Child’s Creative Aspirations

One of the greatest things about being a parent is watching your child grow, into the person that he or she was meant to become in life.  Many parents are more concerned with academic scores than with their child’s creative talent, which is understandable, considering how few artists make a profit from their work.  However, it is important to remember that children are creative by nature and whether they show signs of true talent or not, allowing your child to express his or her creativity is essential in raising him or her to be a wonderful adult.

Give Them an Outlet

Providing outlets for your child’s creativity is essential in letting your child not only grow into their talents, but also in making your child aware that not only do you approve of what they are doing, but that you support them.  If your child shows interest in painting, perhaps purchase a small easel and paints.  If your child has a vivid imagination, perhaps show them how to type stories on the computer.  If your child loves to sing, maybe a karaoke machine would be a great instrument.  There are many inexpensive ways to do this and rather than trade in loans for bad credit, people can simply find a cheaper means to provide outlets, for their children.  It is important to remember that children’s taste change and just because your son wants to be a writer today, it doesn’t mean that tomorrow he won’t want to be a policeman, instead.

Give Them Support

It is truly important to our children that they know we support their creative inclinations and that we are proud of them.  If your child wants to put on a show for you, let them!  If they have a new painting that they are proud of, make sure that they know how proud you are of them!  Whether it was cops and robbers or even just pretending we were race car drivers or fashion models, we all played as children.  The difference is that for those children that are creatively inclined, this is more than just playing around.  With the right parental support, it could be the beginning of a long career.

The most important thing is to let your child know that you love them, no matter what.  As parents, it is our responsibility to raise our children to be the happiest person that they can possibly become in life.

One of a Kind Art Inspired by Sports

Art is inspired by many things. Nature, love and even sports can inspire artistic expression. It is no wonder that sports are often an inspiration for art. There are some pretty famous pieces of art that are based on sports or sports figures. Some are pretty obviously sports inspired while others are a bit more obscure or even abstract. LeRoy Neiman made a career out of  his sport inspired artwork.

Gabriel Orozco is an artist from Mexico. He is famous for working with photographs and sculptures but also works in different mediums. One of his works, entitled Pelota Ponchada or (Pinched Ball) is a photograph of a deflated futbol or soccer ball filled with a tiny puddle of water. It was recently auctioned off for close to 40, 000 dollars.

The MoMa has a lot of inspired art. One piece by Jeff Koons uses basketballs suspended in a fish tank. It may sound simplistic but there is a deeper meaning. Koons uses the basketballs as a representative of the human experience.  Inflated they representative life deflated they would represent death. Artists sometimes express complex concepts with simple objects. Other artists are more straightforward in their approach.

Artist Opie Otterstad was recently commissioned to do a series of paintings to commemorate the 75th anniversary of College basketball’s NCAA tournament. As part of the series he will be depicting each of the game winning coaches over the 75 year history of the tournament. March madness is a special event and the paintings will certainly be a big part of the celebration.  As you enjoy this year’s tournament you can bet on NCAA tournament games to have their share of drama and maybe you will be inspired to create a piece of art that reflects the beauty of the sport. If you are lucky enough to attend the game you may even spot one of Otterstad’s paintings.

Scaring The Socks Off Your Halloween Guests

Halloween is a very fun time of year because everyone gets to be dressed up, and also go to parties that can be really fun. If you are thinking of hosting a haunted house at your home then a Halloween party following, then you need to get yourself properly prepared. You have a lot of work to do before you are able to have your event.

Planning Your Party

Since you're going to have a haunted house you need to get yourself properly prepared for that. You may need to have a few friends help you get your house properly decorated. Then for your Halloween party you will need to be sure that you have plenty of party games for Halloween. If it any time you are having a hard time figuring out what type of games to play, you should always make sure you take some time and research on the Internet which games are popular for Halloween.

Putting It All Together

This might seem slightly stressful, but you should never worry because getting ready for Halloween parties is going to be a fun time and you should have a blast doing everything. It also gives you time to bond with your friends and families so that everyone can have a good time. It is a good idea that you have a checklist so that you are able to go over everything. You never want to forget something when you are getting ready for Halloween, because you do not want to disappoint your guests.

Your Halloween party is going to be wonderful, and everyone is going to love your haunted house. You should be very proud of yourself for all of the hard work you put into having a wonderful event.

It’s Not Too Early to Make Your Christmas Gifts

The yuletide is almost upon us and it’s time to start thinking about those special gifts for all your loved ones and friends. Some people start shopping for gifts at the beginning of the year just to avoid the Christmas rush. Of course there are those who wait until the eleventh hour to do their shopping; but it’s never too early to start thinking about presents for all those special people in your life.

Presents under the Tree

When Christmas rolls around we all start thinking about Christmas gift ideas. Often times we also start thinking about how far in debt we may go to make all those Christmas wishes come true! When you begin planning your Christmas list, why not think about something a little different and creative this year, like a homemade gift instead of something store-bought? There are so many things one can do to create a truly memorable gift that will be remembered for years to come; but how to get started?

Simple is Often Best

I’m sure we have all had a Christmas fruitcake made by our aunt Ginny that sometimes spends the entire year in the tin it came in and never gets eaten. But there are so many other things one can make besides food items that will be a big hit come Christmas day. You can start simple by maybe making your own Christmas cards. There are so many software programs out there which make creating cards super easy. If you’re handy at sewing, you can put some things together which won’t cost an arm and a leg and bring big smiles. A visit to the local arts and crafts store will give you some great ideas to start your Christmas gift factory!

Figure Studies from Football

Who were some of the greatest running backs of all time? The patterns they run, the fluidity with which they move; they way they spin and dodge—it all combines for some of not only the most entertaining moments of the game but for a true study of art as it relates to form and the body in motion.

The #1 Running Running Back

Small wonder that when you talk about the greatest RB’s of all NFL history the distinction of being #1 probably had everything to do with how many Detroit Lions Tickets used to sell in past seasons. Barry Sanders was beauty in motion. The Hall of Famer retired too early for fans but none too early for the player himself who complained of burnout. But while he played he was a sight to behold. His body movements and lines were in and of themselves an art form. Of course Mr. Sanders isn’t the only one on the list of the greatest.

Let’s Look at the Other Top 9

The (in his heyday) Houston Oiler Earl Campbell brings up the rear of the list but with only 10 to choose from—that’s not half bad. The rest are as follows listed with the team with which they had their biggest years: # 9—Buffalo Bills O.J. Simpson; #8—L.A. Raiders Bo Jackson; #7—St. Louis Rams Marshall Faulk; #6—Minnesota Vikings Adrian Peterson; #5—L.A. Rams Eric Dickerson; #4—San Diego Chargers LaDainian Tomlinson; #3—Cleveland Browns Jim Brown; and at the #2 best running back in NFL history we have none other than the Chicago Bears’ Walter Payton.

Each and every one of these individual’s performances did, in their own right, combine through the years to define the position of NFL running back as we know it today. And as rough and tumble as professional football can be these men have taken a simple game of ‘catch me if you can’ and transformed it into a flowing work of art.

What Constitutes Success For a Budding Artist?

It’s not easy to make it as an artist in today’s unique world.  In fact, most of the artists today are struggling and out of work.  If you are an artist, be realistic about your earning probability.  Here are some guidelines to give you perspective on success that you can obtain.

Paying the Bills

Although every artist would like to be rich, this is rarely the case for most artists.  Instead, successful artists are usually the ones who have managed to pay the bills.  They are not worried about taking out payday loans online.  Instead, they have developed a decent cash flow that allows them to pay for their rent, food, car, and other necessities.  You may not be rich.  However, if you can pay your expenses, you are doing well as an artist.

A Following

Next, work to develop a following as an artist.  Some artists think that it’s good not to be respected in their own time.  And while this may be true for some of today’s famous artists, they would have probably enjoyed a little respect when they were alive.  Part of success comes from the “slap on the back” or that little compliment here and there.  It’s nice to be told that you are good at what you do.  If you are an artist, you don’t want to wait until you die for this acclaim to grow.


Finally, all successful artists are unique.  If you have managed to create something unique for the world to see, you can call yourself a successful artist.  Many artists spend too much time copying others.  This is not art.  Anyone can copy something good.  However, few can create something different.  This should be your goal as an artist.  With a little effort you will succeed.

Good luck on your trek to success as an artist.

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