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Advertising Your Art

Are you an aspiring artist?  If so, you have unique talents to offer to the world.  Many people rely on artists daily.  However, finding these people can take work.  They might not show up on your doorstep.  And you probably don’t have the money to hire advertising agencies Washington dc either.  Fortunately, there are several ways you can advertise your own art and self-promote.

Websites and Blogs

Many graphic artists advertise their art on websites or blogs.  This is a great way to get recognition.  What blogs or websites do you know that are popular?  Chances are you have a friend or two with a popular one.  Volunteer to update their design.  Ask for an advertisement on their homepage to recognize you.  A small button with your name and logo is sufficient.  It will help individuals identify who designed the site.  Plus, it is a great resource for them if they need web design.  This is great exposure for you – especially if the site gets a lot of traffic.


Another advertising option is clothing.  You can do a lot of unique things with clothing.  Design a hat, t-shirt, or even shoes.  Let your friends wear these items.  When they wear them, they will be promoting you directly.  They will become your brand ambassador.  When people ask about their clothes, they can tell their friends about this great artist they know.  This is a simple and effective way to advertise.  Just make sure you put your best work into this project.

Art Show

Finally, consider displaying your art at a local art show.  Many cities and art galleries often display art from local artists.  Ask around and find out who would be willing to display your work.  This way you do not have to pay a high gallery fee to get exposure.  And, you never know, you might even sell a few pieces at the same time.

Be creative when it comes to advertising your art.  Remember, you have a great service to offer.  The trick is to find the people in need of your work.  They are out there.  With effective advertising you can find them.

Use Your Artists Eye to Design a Halloween Costume

Creating a Halloween costume can be challenging if you're not sure what you want to be. Instead of racking your brain trying to think of what you should be, here are some tips on how to find your inner-artist, and design a Halloween costume with flair.

Meld costume ideas & raid your closet

What's great about making your own costume is that you save money and also create a costume that nobody else has. One of the easiest things you can do is combine two costume ideas into one singular costume, like an Olympic runner who's running for president (you get the idea).  A lot of humor can be had when you use this method.  Also, try randomly throwing different things together that you have in your closet, wacky accessories, sunglasses, vintage clothing, strange jewelry, an old hat you never wear, anything that could be used as an inspiration piece for 'character.'

Look to the mass media

Another way to use your artistic skills when creating a fantastic Halloween costume as select the mass media for inspiration.  What were your favorite books or movies this past year?  Any characters from recent popular shows can also provide great inspiration for a costume.  When choosing a character from a book, TV show or movie that you'd like to emulate, make sure they're not too far from your own physical appearance, as it can be pretty difficult to create a costume when you're that far from the real thing (or maybe that's the point, to be funny, and in that case go for it). Another idea is to choose a character that's not as popular if you'd like your costume to be more unique.

Halloween is one of the best times of the year to really let your creative juices flow.

Creating an Artful Presentation

Want to add a little bit of class and that extra pizzazz to your presentation? Consider the use of Printed Vellum Paper or using that type of paper for inserts or a cover for your presentation. It adds just that little bit of class to something that might be ordinarily thought of as boring and unsophisticated.

Overlays With Tracing Paper

Pie charts are a big deal when it comes to presentations. In fact almost any kind of chart can help someone get a point across. Tracing paper, actually vellum paper, can be used as overlays to show the progress or decline of a chart. Rather than having to turn pages or look at several different charts; simply by flipping a see through page of vellum paper with the altered picture on it over the original picture can be extremely advantageous. As thin as this type of paper is you can probably create two or three overlays and still be able to see the original picture on the bottom piece of paper. Vellum paper can also be used to separate categories of pages in your presentation. It simply gives it a little bit of added class and pizzazz. Thin sheets of vellum paper are frequently placed between the pages of cards as well to give them a little class.

Versatile And Stable

Vellum paper can be drawn on by hand or used in a printer with either colored or black ink. Businesses that still rely on hand drawn blueprints and such for drafting drawings of buildings and other plans use it. Vellum paper comes in sheets, blocks, rolls and can have isometric lines, be gridded, or plain. And because images do not distort and the paper is not easily torn and is extremely stable (and is the perfect paper to hold ink) and used in drawings or pages run off of a printer.

Of course different online sources have different prices for their vellum paper but as a guideline here are some prices that I found on line: a 50 pack of 8 ½ by 11 inch of birch translucent vellum paper-$8.31; colors tend to run just a little bit higher; if you’re looking to buy in bulk you can pick up the same sheets of paper in a 500 pack for the price of approximately $67.03.

Taking Every Opportunity to Improve Your Art Skills

Being good at art is not just an inherent talent.  Being good at art comes with time and practice along with determination and consistency.  There are many classes and webinar programs that will lead you to believe that they will make you a better artist but that is not entirely true.  That is why you should take in every opportunity available to you to not only gain artistic talent, but help you grow and refine your skills.

Gain inspiration from other artists

One of the most important aspects of becoming an artist is creating your own style.  This style will be a defining aspect of you as an artist.  You want to create something unique so that when others see your work, they know it’s from you.

A way to do this is to gain inspiration from other artists.  Take things that you like from their art and try to incorporate those influences into your art.  This is how art evolves and how trends arise.  Perhaps someday, your style will inspire other artists.


Just like with an instrument or even a language, art is something that needs to be practiced.  Try to create art everyday to keep your creative juices flowing as well as to grow your skills.  You will find that the further you go with your practice, the easier it will come to you and the better your art will become.  The reverse is also true.  Artist who practice everyday notice that even when they skip a day of practice, they feel that techniques that used to be familiar to them become difficult to obtain again.

Use these tips and take advantage of every opportunity that is presented to you and you will become a better artist.

Wearing Your Artwork

Being an artist can be a very rewarding experience especially if you are able to freehand drawing anything that you want to. Being able to draw is a very skilled trade and it should be commended for all of the technique that is required when drawing. If you are in the situation and you are looking for inspiration but you're not sure exactly where to go because your thinking about designing T-shirts or other types of articles of clothing then you need to find some information and also do some important research that will help you get on track and figure out a plan of how you want to market your new business.

Doing Research Online

The Internet is always highly recommended when it comes time to start working on your own business. If you are an artist and obviously you already have the talent but you just need a few fundamentals to start putting everything together. Something you might consider doing is checking out a few different T-shirt websites for ideas and inspirations but you also might figure out exactly where to go from here.  http://www.bustedtees.com is a wonderful site that you should check into and see what kind of ideas you can get. You also might even consider purchasing a few of the shirt so you can see how they are made and also the quality of the work.

Planning Your Projects

Doing customized artwork can be a great way for you to start making some money and if you are able to put them on a T-shirt or even a hat or sweatshirt, then you are giving all of your potential customers and clients different options to choose from which is a great thing because sometimes people can never make up their mind what they want.

In a few short months you should be on your way to starting your own business and you will be doing much better than you were before, because you got all of the information it took to get a project put together and implement everything that you had learned from your research.

Cinemax—Your Personal Source of Figure Studies

Some subscribe to the Cinemax Channel for movies, some for their new hit show, “Strike Back” or for the soft pornography on their “After Hours” you will receive an education on anatomy.  From curvature to S-curve you’ll be able to cultivate the artist within you.  Watching Cinemax will most certainly expose you to how beautiful and artistic the human body can be.  Here are a few things that you can learn about figure studies from the Cinemax Channel.

Human Movement

By watching Cinemax you can learn a lot about how the human body moves when it comes to Figure Studies.  You’ll see what muscles tighten and what positions can be held.  From that, you can gain a new perspective of the human body and begin to draw the body more accurately through the representation on television.


Not only will you learn about how the body moves, but you will also learn about how the human body reacts and engages the environment.  This could mean what it looks like to hold onto an object or perhaps interact with another human body.

As an artist studying Figure Studies, watching Cinemax can help you learn about how to accurately represent the human body in your art.

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